Naturalist, graphic and poetic.

Abstract or naturalistic, graphic and poetic. A true painting and work of art, each piece painted with natural pigments is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity. Other models or unique realizations can be created in collaboration with the artist.

Hand painted by the artist, each piece is unique, production time 5-6 weeks.

Made in France. Quality & expertise since 1975.

Radiator available in 5 Dimensions:

  • 220x50cm
Electric version: 1100 W or 1500 W in booster version.
Hot water version: 982 W or 1380 W in booster version.
  • 220 x 60cm
Electric version: 1400 W or 1800 W in booster version.
Hot water version: 1178 W or 1654 W in booster version.
  • 220x70cm
Electric version: 1700 W or 1900 W in booster version.
Hot water version: 1374 W or 1840 W in booster version.
  • 210 x 60cm
Electric version: 1300 W or 1700 W in booster version.
Hot water version: 1112 W or 1579 W in booster version.
  • 185 x 50cm
Electric version: 900 W or 1300 W in booster version.
Hot water version: 803 W or 1190 W in booster version.

OPTION 1 - Booster: (if height>180cm) System of white lacquered steel fins embedded in the Olycale® stone at the back of the radiator, this option increases the heating power thanks to a larger surface area. heat exchange.

OPTION 2 - LED lights: To highlight CINIER radiators

Other sizes and colors Pigment color chart are available on request, contact us by Or + 33 4 67 18 19 53 .

For custom services, please email us, such as changing the style, dimension, quantity and placement of coat hooks or determine the design and final price.