Single Piece Radiators Option

Radiators - Unique Pieces Collection

A true painting and work of art, each piece painted with natural pigments is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity. The artist offers themes such as Velvet, Docks, Bullfighting, Mineral, among others. Other models or unique realizations can be created in collaboration with the artist. Please contact us for any additional information.

On request, other dimensions can be made to the nearest cm:

Boost option
Option Bath, Towel dryer : 1 or 2 CINIER bath bar(s)
Picture option on UNIS H140 x W40 cm
LED lighting option : 2 x vertical LED frames in white lacquered steel. Custom dimensions made at the height of the radiator. Allows you to highlight the details of a CINIER radiator and bring a source of light into the room. High-end LED in warm white 3000K or neutral white 4000K color Dimmer included on the radiator to vary the intensity.
Lighting set option : to highlight Cinier radiators, LED 2 x 4W Chrome 230/12V 70VA Metal.

Unique Pieces (Non-exhaustive list)

Unique pieces adorned with crystals