Technical - CINIER Radiators

The Olycale® stone

After 7 years of research and development, the CINIER workshops have developed Olycale® stone: a natural stone, crushed then restructured specifically to emit high-performance heat.

A real alternative to steel, cast iron or aluminium, Olycale stone, with its incomparable radiant properties, is the material of choice for comfort.

The heating body

True heart of the system, the heating bodies developed by CINIER operate either in hot water version or in electric version. The heating elements are completely embedded in Olycale® stone thanks to an exclusive technological process. They thus heat internally the entire surface and the mineral mass of the radiator.

Energy saving

A source of energy savings and made-to-measure comfort, CINIER regulation allows each radiator to present a balanced and gentle surface temperature for total safety.

By adapting the power of your radiator to the real needs and reducing the ambient temperature by a few degrees during the night or when you are absent, the CINIER regulation gives you real energy savings, from 20 to 30%.

For the hot water version, Oventrop thermostatic valve, adjustment elbow, fittings and hoses are supplied with the radiator.

Exceptional comfort

Studied and designed to offer exceptional heating comfort, CINIER radiators operate by the effect of thermal inertia and low temperature radiation.

How are CINIER radiators regulated?

Wireless thermostats.

Electric radiator: The rise in temperature is rapid (about 10 minutes), it is controlled by a simple, precise and efficient regulation.

As standard, for radiators and heated towel rails: a remote wireless and programmable electronic radio thermostat (to be fixed to the wall or placed in the bathroom).

As an option, each electric CINIER model is equipped with a very easy-to-use proportional and digital electronic thermostat to control comfort to the nearest degree. The on-board thermostats are hidden behind the radiator, either on the right side (standard) or on the left side (if specified when ordering).

As soon as the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat cuts off the power. The inertia of the Olycale® allows it to continue to diffuse by modulating the accumulated heat.

Central heating version radiator: Each CINIER radiator is supplied as standard with a very discreet thermostatic tap, hidden behind the radiator.