Technical - CINIER Luminaires LT

Creation and technical excellence

The CINIER workshops have made the choice of high quality craftsmanship and creation in the service of declared Art.

Excellence in technology (LED technology) and style have been the values ​​of the family business since 1975.

Each CINIER LT product is made entirely by hand in the CINIER brand factory located in Sète, France.

Composed of 600 high-performance LEDs , the CINIER LT wall lamp provides powerful indirect lighting and a unique design.

The light is diffused in several ways depending on the desired atmosphere:

An infrared remote control allows you to change the intensity of the light frame and create light scenarios.

CINIER LT works with 24 V DC current (24 V transformer included in the wall lamp). Power is supplied by primary current on a standard electrical supply. The high quality LEDs of CINIER LT allow more than 75% of energy savings and more longevity.