Manufacturing Radiators

How are Cinier models made?

All of the models offered are customizable in terms of dimensions, colors, finishes, powers, energy sources and regulations. Each Cinier radiator is manufactured individually and to order to perfectly meet the expectations of each customer.

Result of a know-how and a great experience, the CINIER workshops guarantee you an exceptional manufacturing quality.

Three steps for a unique creation

1. Creation and manufacture of the custom-made heating body according to each model.

Each heating body is tested and manufactured entirely by hand:

- Electric version: made up of specific heating resistors integrated and insulated in a steel sandwich structure. Electromagnetically and low voltage electrical safety tested according to NF standards and the latest CE directives.

- Water circulation version: Heating body made of integral solid copper followed by a specific anti-corrosion and anti-expansion process for perfect silence and reliability. All integrated in a steel sandwich structure.

Pressure resistance test (test pressure 25 bars for a service pressure of maximum 10 bars) .

2. Integration of the heating body in the olycale® stone.

3. Shaping and artistic work by hand. The patina and finishes are made with entirely natural oxides.

From design to finish, each radiator is made to order, entirely by hand with a constant concern for technical and artistic perfection.

How to create a Unique Piece out of catalog?

Studies and customization

Our design office can assist you in the choice and advice of creations for your customers. For non-catalogued Parts, the ideal is to put your customer in contact with Johanne Cinier, painter for Ateliers CINIER. In collaboration with the client, Johanne will be able to offer a completely personalized piece.

Acquiring a CINIER radiator means having more than just a heat source for the consumer. It is to enter a universe of creation, a universe of personalization, a universe of Art...