OLYCALE® stone

What is the Olycale stone?

A unique thermal stone for exceptional heat emission.

• Origin:

Coming from a quarry in the Pyrenees in France, several years of research, in collaboration with the engineering school of Mines and our workshops, have enabled the creation of a thermal stone with unique characteristics. This natural stone is crushed and then restructured using a protected technological process.

• Thermal properties and qualities:

The thermal qualities obtained after restructuring the stone allow exceptional conduction, accumulation and distribution of calories. The mass and composition of Olycale® ensures an inertia close to cast iron, with an exceptional capacity for infrared radiation and heat diffusion. The comfort and performance generated by this stone make it a future reference material in 21st century heating.

• Robustness :

The Olycale® stone created by the CINIER workshops is a noble and unalterable material with an almost unlimited lifespan. Its robustness proven by numerous laboratory tests and by a know-how of more than 25 years ensures a guaranteed longevity. Art CINIER radiators thus become a real heritage of the house and contribute to its enhancement.

• Why is inertia essential in the quality of heating?

When a heater is equipped with precise regulation, the thermal inertia of the radiator allows it to emit much more stable heat. Its material accumulates heat during the operation of the heating element and when the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat stops the appliance which then restores the heat for 30 to 45 minutes (cf. creation of a modulating hot spot). The precise regulation and the inertia of the device thus offer optimum comfort and economy in each of your rooms.

What is the operating principle?

Soft and radiant heat.

The heating body of CINIER radiators is made to measure in anti-corrosion and anti-dilation copper for the circulation of hot water or in exclusive and unalterable heating cable for electricity.

This heating body is then embedded in the Olycale® by a specific and protected manufacturing process. The stone is thus heated internally in its mineral mass and over its entire surface: which allows it to accumulate and diffuse a very soft and enveloping radiant heat.

What are the technical advantages?

Thermal inertia and low temperature radiation:

The thermal inertia of Olycale® (strong capacity to retain heat) and its long infrared radiation power contribute to a high degree of efficiency and comfort. The temperature of each room is maintained in a very stable and homogeneous way from floor to ceiling, without sudden or variation.

This comfort is accentuated by the large surface of the radiators which allows:

Healthy and ecological heating:

The long infrared radiation emitted by the olycale® stone is perceived directly by the human body. Like the heat emitted by the sun, the well-being released is optimal.

Multi-directional, it eliminates cold areas and respects the surrounding biological rhythm.

Hydrophobic , the stone respects the ambient hydrometry: the air is perfectly healthy without providing a feeling of drying out or air circulation. The “gentle” and enveloping heat thus emitted helps to reduce energy consumption (reduction of heat loss by convection). It also improves air quality, without drying out the atmosphere or carbonizing dust.


The silent operation of the radiators is optimal both in electric and hot water versions. The innovative anti-dilation process on the copper ensures perfect acoustic comfort.


Why is radiant heating the heating of the 21st century?

Low-temperature radiant heating represents the future of domestic heating through its comfort and its respect for the surrounding biological rhythm.

Indeed, its heat causes a minimum of air movement, unlike the traditional convection system where the heat emitted tends to accumulate on the ceiling of large volumes (significant difference in temperature between floor and ceiling).

In addition, heating at low temperature avoids burning dust and oxygen (no more dry throat sensations, induced allergy problems).

The hydrometric degree is perfectly preserved for the well-being of plants and the environment.

The quality of the walls is also perfectly preserved (no blackening).

In winter, the heat emitted by radiation compensates for the weak infrared irradiation of the sun by maintaining a purified air and a positive effect on the metabolism.

It induces an undeniable quality of comfort in each house.


The quality of good infrared radiation is directly linked to the surface of the emitter and, among other things, to the homogeneity of its temperature. In addition, the thermal power (heating capacity) of a radiant heater depends on its surface area.

Indeed, if the radiating surface is reduced, the operating temperature is increased and the heating quality is degraded. This overheating to be evacuated causes significant air intakes in the lower part of the devices (convection and dehydration generator).

Distrust therefore for very powerful infrared radiant heaters of medium or even minimum dimensions.

What Energy?

Gas, oil-fired, hybrid or electric boilers, all our models are designed to adapt perfectly to your installation and ensure remarkable comfort in both renovation and new construction.

In the electric or water circulation version, the heat accumulation and release capacity is essentially the same.

In both cases, each CINIER radiator is totally silent, acts by long infrared radiation at low temperature with a very high level of heating quality.