Booster OPTION


Booster OPTION

Booster: System of white lacquered steel fins embedded in the Olycale® stone at the back of the radiator, this option increases the heating power thanks to a larger heat exchange surface.

For radiators and heated towel rails if the height > 180 cm.

INNOVATION: The boosted version is a new option which increases the heating power by approximately 40% in the electric or hot water version.

OPERATION: S-POWER is a system and set of fins in white lacquered steel, embedded in the Olycale® stone at the back of the radiator. S-POWER increases the heat exchange surface and creates a convective power effect complementary to the radiation of the stone.

AESTHETICS : The aesthetics are fully preserved because the fins are hidden when the radiator is installed. The thickness is 7 cm + 3 cm (thickness of the Olycale® stone).

CONNECTION : Connection and installation are easy thanks to the 2 fixing brackets.

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