New GREENOR XL Anti-Viral

Air conditioning, made in France, gentle, at very low speed, without the feeling of drafts and very silent for exceptional cooling comfort.

CINIER innovates with the GREENOR XL: up to 3 KW in air conditioning and 6 KW in heating.

GREENOR XL thus makes it possible to air-condition and heat your room in a very efficient and healthy way.

ECOLOGICAL: GREENOR XL does not use refrigerant fluid (only ice water at 7°C – 12°C).

EFFICIENT: A new patented 100% copper cooling/heating coil provides increased thermal performance.

COMFORTABLE: "Indirect" air diffusion via a vertical airflow distributed over 190cm.

HEALTHY & ANTI-VIRAL: a unique double air treatment

1/ The air is filtered and treated using innovative stainless steel filters with Titanium Dioxide coating and optional UVC LEDs to eliminate viruses and bacteria from the air.

2/ The GREENOR XL heat exchanger is 100% copper : thanks to these very effective anti-viral properties, scientific studies [1] show that it is on a copper surface that the virus resists the least since it is eliminated in less than 4 hours compared to 1 to 2 days on stainless steel.

SMART & REMOTE CONTROL: With a WIFI connection, the GREENOR XL thermostat can be controlled on your smartphone. You can therefore manage the start-up and the temperature of your room remotely.

[1] Aerosol and surface stability of HCoV-19 (SARS-CoV-2) compared to SARS-CoV-1 Neeltje van Doremalen, James O. Lloyd-Smith, Vincent J. Munster / New England Journal of Medicine - March 2020